Intelligent Warehouse Software

Proteus provides intelligent warehouse management software (or WMS) designed to help your business operate more efficiently. Although all warehouses have common aspects, each one has individual processes and priorities. That's why our specialist, best of breed software is highly flexible and configurable. Read more »

Award-Winning WMS

Our award-winning warehouse management software is modular, which means it is configurable, highly flexible and more importantly, scaleable.
This makes Proteus the perfect choice for growing companies, as your system can be extended to meet future business requirements, helping you to increase turnover without growing labour costs. Find out more »

Customer Testimonials

Hear from people who've used our WMS and see our customer testimonials. Learn how Proteus has worked closely with our customers to improve warehouse efficiency by reducing errors and improving workflow whilst reducing overheads.  Watch our videos »

Warehouse Management Software Specialists

At Proteus we believe in partnership. That’s where our commitment to excellent customer service starts. For us, quality is everything, from the moment we respond to your first enquiry, through to understanding exactly what your business requires and delivering a robust, configured system, on budget and on time.

In order to develop a system that suits your business perfectly, we spend time with you. Time spent building a clear picture of your business, how it works and what it needs to achieve – not just today, but tomorrow and further into the future.

The flexibility and configurability of our software means that we can provide as much functionality as you need, whatever the size of your business.

By automating your business processes and tasks, Proteus replaces slow, out-dated or even paper-based systems that impede growth, with a powerful system tailored to your business needs, that will eliminate potential for human error, increase efficiency, optimise resources, improve productivity and drive down costs.

Our philosophy is to deliver not just a system, but a long-term solution. Proteus WMS is highly intuitive, it is easy to learn and use. This means we can train your team to manage your system going forward. We’ll always be there to help and support where required, but with a Proteus WMS, you will not be limited by obscure programming nor will you be dependent on operational knowledge that resides only in the heads of certain individuals within your company.

For more information, or an informal chat, fill out a form, give us a call on +44 (0)121 717 7474 or send an email to

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